(John's Photo by Fred Hayes)


Pat Terry (Heber Park)

"Wurlitzer" Wayne Christiansen  Sugarhouse
Park July 4th.

John Flanders


Helix, SLC. Arts Fest. '09 with guests Ryan Shepherd on trombone and Carlos Arroyo on Percussion 
"The Go Between" CD release concert   at the Egyptian Theatre in Park City

John Flanders & Double Helix

John at Caffe Molise          Wayne Burdick 4th July
City Weekly cd Revues   by Bill Frost										

John Flanders & Double Helix "In The Sky Tonight"     	                          JazzTimes cd revues
**** four stars "All killer, no filler"                                         

John Flanders & Double Helix roped in heavy jazzbo hitters                         "Natural Selection" (Squidisc)
 Mike Miller (guitar: Yellowjackets) and Alex Acuna 
(percussion: Weather Report) to guest on their sophomore		"Flanders is a passionate, blood-and-guts	
disc-this is important to note, as the homeboys are equal                          guy. His funk-based rhythm section is 
 chops-wise on every cut alongside the visiting dignitaries.                        cooly professional."
"In The Sky Tonight" is 61 minutes of no-bullshit, all instrumental            ___________________________________________
 and all-original (save for "When I Fall In Love") bop, swing, latin,	              "The late Steve Allen once joked that 'Utah
and other flavors of jazz, loaded with dazzling displays from                        Jazz is an oxymoron'. He never checked out
saxman Flanders and his compadresin a loose and lively vibe that                 John Flanders and Double Helix"
goes down like a shot of Bushmills: sweet and stiff.                                                           - John Paul Brophy