Amsterdam tour 2002





Donovan & John performing

"Sunshine Superman"

KRCL   Tues. 1:30pm    "Global  Gumbo"  (Gumbos ended in Sept. 04)

John Flanders News




Great tour to France, Switzerland. Played the Hotel Lovre in Paris on the first night!   Also recorded on an avante garde opera; "Satz Clock" that featured Steve Vai, Chad Wackerman, Mike Miller, and Dweezil Zappa.  


Double Helix is having a great time with the respose to the newcd "The Go Between".  -packed them in at our release party in P.C.     We also nailed it at the SLC Arts Fest. joined by Steve Lindeman, and got some added PR from channel 2 tv.    John's excited to play with a favorite of his, Pete Chrislieb (tonight show, - who could forget the tenor solo on "Deacon Blues"...) at the SLC Jazz Fest. The band will also have Vincent Falcone (piano for Sinatra) and Eddie Daniels.  




What, where did the time go? Well, many, many fun gigs with many, many different bands, cats, hipsters, professors, miscreants, National acts, etc.  Continued work with Temptations, The Utah Symphony, session work, Ben Folds, and even some producing.  Newer projects include Sin City Soul, and Raydius, Andy Frasco from LA, and gigs with the Riddemites.  2010 was a full  tilt year, with a very low point in the loss of Wayne Christiansen hours after a wonder trio gig together.  A very high point was finishing the new CD "The Go Between" which has some of Wayne's last jazz recordings on it.  Every gig is a different fun challenge, with varying lineups and I thank all the guys I get to play with day in and day out. What can I say, I love my "job".   Check out the new disc, I think we nailed it,  the release party was off the hook (Jan. 9, 2011), and support all the arts, especially live music.  Thanks, JF



Another great year again.  Fun shows with the Temptations, Wayne Newton, the Utah Symphony, the Four Tops, Frankie Avalon, and of course pleny of Double Helix action.  Helix had another full summer with appearances at the Park City Arts fest, the Salt Lake Jazz Festival, and many other groovin' performances. They will be working on their fourth cd this fall with plenty of new material.  Also had much fun with Pat Carnahan at the Park City Jazz Festival playing the slot before Joshua Redman. 2008 also marks the passing of some jazz greats including Michael Brecker and Johnny Griffin. Don't forget to vote this November, and stay tuned..

Best,   JF



The year is cruising along and Helix has another busy & full summer. Fun was had with all the bands this year, and of course the "Dons", a fun show with Don Rickles and one with the great and hip Donovan. We've taken a bit of a break on the recording scene, still touting the latest one, "Natural Selection", but ya never know...  & the NBA got to hear some sax on the National Anthem back in January, (Unfortunately the Nets beat the Jazz that nite). John will perform again with the Utah Symphony in July, and Double Helix knocked off a fun show at the Salt Lake Jazz Festival, debuting more original tunes. The biggest downer this year has been the loss of Micheal Brecker. He did get one more gem of a cd out. More as it happens. Thanks for checking in.



Double Helix is enjoying the release of "Natural Selection" and finally had a great release party in January.  Thanks to all the folk who were nice enough to attend and support us.  We especially are stoked about the cds purchased and hope y'all are digging the new material. (Quite an earful at almost 69minutes, but that was the narrowed down stuff!)    John just had the opportunity to tour Europe again, this time hitting France and of course selling and spreading the Helix jazz to our cultured and enthusiastic euro- friends.  He again ended up in Zermatt Switzerland and performed with an international band comprised of Americans and Netherlanders. (Thanks Mike.)The summer of 2006 looks to be fun with not quite as hectic a schedule as last year, so make note of the Helix appearences (on the performances page).   The new cd is available online, so spread the word a grab yo'self more copies of everything.       UPDATE:  The summer did end up quite busy and we had a lot of fun shows, including adding more nights at Zanzibar, and a special concert hall performance at Westminister College.   We were also pleased to get a little national recognition on a revue of the new disc from JazzTimes magazine!                                            


2005 was a blast. Thanks to all who came to the shows, have (or will!?) purchase the new cd from Double Helix, "Natural Selection"!  (Go to the recordings page)  It was a diverse year with gigs in Switzerland in the Spring, to Arts Festivals, hangin' on stage with Wayne & Mark, playing main stage at the Park City Intn'l Jazz Festival and then hanging with Bela Fleck & Stanley Clarke, (Yes, they both got a copy of the new disc.)  fun session work, and all the gigs with bands like Zion Tribe, Joe Muscolino, SLAJO, and many more.  Wherever you may be, support local music and jazz. Stay tuned in 2006 for more music!  Peace,




Double Helix had another superb summer 2004, we debuted some great new tunes, played another large show at Sugarhouse Park for the 4th of July, and topped off with a performance at the Park City International Jazz Festival. (Alongside acts such as Dave Sanborn, Count Basie Orchestra, Rippingtons etc.) 

The band had a great show as the headliner for the Sugarhouse Park fireworks on the 4th of July 2003.  We performed an original arrangement of "Appalachian Spring", called "Appalachian Swing" that was commissioned especially for that night. The band was absolutely on fire, and conservative estimates from the city have the crowd at 40,000 people plus! Great show guys!

The Salt Lake Jazz Festival was another fun performance. Wayne Burdick, our new percussionist was groovin' hard, and Wayne Christiansen tore it up on the grand piano."

Check out another stellar revue of "In The Sky Tonight", in the 21st birthday edition of the Catalyst out now. (p. 79) We dig that magazine. (

John & the new cd were featured on KUER with Steve Williams, Thur. Dec. 19th, 10:30pm

Read the interview article on John and "In The Sky Tonight" in the City Weekly, from the week of Jan. 16-23 at

The new Helix cd and all of John's can be picked up in Utah at Orion's music (P.C. and S.L.), Barnes & Noble Gateway, Wasatch Cd Exchange (on 100 s. approx 45 w.), Randy's records, & Greywhale, and Music of Moab. And of course right here! (go to Recordings)

Where ever you may be, support local music, and jazz! Thanks for checkin' in.