with Don Rickles 


Maceo Parker & John

Helix hangs out at the tracks..



Donovan & John 2.jpg (27910 bytes)

John performing with Donovan


Salt Lake Arts. Fest. '09

with guests Ryan Shepherd on trombone,               and  Carlos Arroyo on  Percussion

with Otis Williams (Temptations)


Wayne Christiansen at the "Natural Selection" Session                                                                    


Natural Selection   git it now!

(Click on the cd!)


Evan has some pre-show excitement..



Pat Terry Live in Heber City



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John Flanders

        Performance History    (public gigs only, private are not listed)

Who? Venue Location Time Notes More
Every Friday JF Trio Caffe Molise 55 w. 100 s. 7:00pm-9:00pm classic jazz great music & food
Every 1st Sat Latin Jazz Factory Bayou 675 S. State 9-12pm W/Carlos Arroyo  
Every 2nd Friday JF Quartet (Bias Spere) The Bayou 675 S. State 9:30-12;30pm Original Jazz/funk/latin oringinals and classics
Apr. 2017            
4/1 Latin Jazz Factory Bayou 679 S. State 9pm    
4/14 JF Quartet Bayou   9:30pm    
4/15 Sin City Soul The Canyons Park City 3-5pm    
4/20 Utah Symphony Weber State   7:30p    
4/21 Abravenal Hall     7;30p    
4/22 Abravenal     7:30p    
4/29 Latin Jazz Factory Ice Haus Murray 9p-1a    
Mar.. 2017            
3/25 JF Trio Silver Star Park City 7:30-10:00    
SEPT. 14            
9/1 Marty & John High West 703 Park Ave. Park City 12-3pm rock, jazz, variety  
9/2 Tad Calcarra New Deal Big Band Gallivan Cntr. Downtown SLC (200S) 7-9p Big Band ala Artie Shaw etc.  
9/5 Sin City Soul The Spur Park City Main St. 10pm New Orleans based rock/funk  
9/5 JF Trio Caffee Molise 55W 100S SLC 7-9p Jazz  
9/6 Latin Jazz Factory The Bayou 675 S.State 9:00p latin jazz  
9/12 JF Quintet w/guest Steve Lindeman The Bayou 675 S. State 9:30p original & classic jazz  
9/26 Floydshow           
9/26 Floydshow (Tribute to Tim)     10pm    
August '14            
8/2 Latin Jazz Factory Bayou 675 S. State 9pm w/guest Alan Michael  
8/7 JF Quartet Heber Park downtown 7-9pm Variety concert  
8/17 JF Quartet Riff's Music 1205 Iron Horse Dr. Park City 7-9pm Special ticketed intimate concert for the  Full Moon Concert Series
8/21 JF Sexrtet Brown Bag Concert TBD noon-1pm Jazz sextet!  
8/23 John Lambert Grp. Giodotti's RedStone Park City 7pm Vocal jazz  
8/27 Sin City Soul High West Park City 7pm N.O. based Rock,  funk & soul
8/30 Sin City Soul Brewski's Ogden 10pm New Orleans rock funks & soul
July 2014            
7/30 JF Quartet JCC #2 N.Medical Dr. (U of U) 7-9pm Jazz Concert on the deck (Cash Bar) Classics, Originals
JUNE 2014            
5/7/14 Latin Jazz Factory The Bayou 675 S. State 9p-12 Classic Jazz ala Latin and originals
5/13 JF Quartet The Bayou 675 S. State      
5/14 John Lambert Grp. Giodotti's Newpark Park City 7-9pm jazz  
5/14 Sin City Soul Spur P.C. Main st 10p-1a New Orleans  blues   funk, rock
5/15 JF Quartet Gracies West Temple SLC 2-5pm jazz, classic +original  Father's Day Brunch!
5/21 Sin City Soul The Spur P.C. Main st 10p-1a rock, funk, blues,  w/N.O. flavor
5/22 JF Trio Stein Erickson Deer Valley 11:30-2pm Great jazz to eat a great brunch to...
5/27 Latin Jazz Factory SLC Arts Fest. 7pm      
5/29 Take 5 Park Silly P.C. Main st 3:30-5p jazz  
May 2014            
5/1 Utah Symphony Ogden  Ogden 7:30p Sounds of the 60's  
5/2 Utah Symphony   Abravenel SLC 8p "     "  
5/3 Utah Symphony   Abravenel SLC 8p    "    "  
5/3 Latin Jazz Fact. Bayou 673 S. State 9:30p Standards & Orig. Latin  Jazz  Jazz ala latin
5/5 Latin Jazz Factory Gracies  W. Temple 7-10p "    "       CINCO DE MAYO PARTY!
5/9 JF Quartet Bayou 673 S. State 9:30p Classic & Original  jazz, latin, funk
5/17 Take 5 sextet Homestead Heber/Midway 4-7p New Orleans Crawfish Party Great N.O. traditional music
5/26 Latin Jazz Fact. Gracies W. Temple 7-10p Latin Jazz!  
5/30 Sons of Nothing Ginos SLC Original and Prog. rock Featuring Tom Bowers from LA  
 April 2014 ahh, what  hath  become of Aprile?    
Mar. 2014            
3/1/14 Latin Jazz Factory Bayou 675 So. State 9p    
3/3 Marty & John  Stein's Deer Valley 3-6p variety, rock, jazz  
3/5 JF Jazz Group Stein's Deer Valley 3-6p jazz, originals  
3/12   "   "         "    "   "    "     "   '  
3/14 JF Quartet The Bayou 675 S. State 9:30pm high energy jazz,  &  origninals
3/16 JF New Orleans band Pierpont Place 163 W. Pierpont Av. 1:30p  Post Mardis Gras brunch!http://www.bigeasychampagnebrunch.com/
3/21 Mike Hamill Poet + band live t.v. concert come be part of the audience! www.studio5alive.com "A father's letters to his daughter"
3/24 JF Jazz Group Stein's  D.V. 3-6pm jazz, + originals!  
3/28 CDT Theatre show Capitol Theatre 200 S. downtown 7:00 p    original score &  dance
3/29   "     "   "    "    "      ' 1:00pm    "    "  
Feb. 2014            
2/8 Latin Jazz Factory Bayou 675 S. State 69pm    
2/5 JF Jazz Group Stein's Deer Valley 3-6p    
2/14 JF Quartet Bayou 675 S. State 9:30p    
2/15 Jim Gus/Emily Merrill Joffees Coffees 2121 McClelland Suite 103   Sugarhouse 801-415-1988 8pm Jazz, vocals, originals, fun. Please join us!  
2/21 Sin City Soul Spur PC Main St. 10p    
Jan.2014  Ok, lost Dec. a bit  on the site, my apologies,  a lot of private stuff anywy.  I'm asking for web site help for Xmas!  Happy Holidays, and see you all it 2014.  
1/1/14 John and Chris Stein's  Deer Valley 3-6pm jazz stand.+origs  
1/3/14 Utah Symphony Abavenel Hall SLC 7pm Pixar music