Stranded In Time

John Flanders & Double Helix

Released in 2001, this debut release from "John Flanders & Double Helix" jumps out of the gate with fun varied jazz swing, fusion, latin and funk grooves that work together to create a fun and cohesive listen. "A Solid Contemoporary Jazz Album, 'Stranded In Time' brims with open carefree tunes framed by talented Instrumentalists." says Martin Renzhofer of the Salt Lake Tribune. Some of the music was featured on NPR's "Marketplace" national radio show. Guitarist Pat Terry adds a great hip hop/funk composition, as well as bassist Evan Coombs' beautiful jazz waltz to end the album. Fans of Frank Zappa's music, they have guest Ike Willis, (20 year Zappa Alumni first appearing on "Joe's Garage"), join them on some rockin' guitar work. The cd flavor has Flanders using alto, tenor, bari saxes, and flute creating fun melodies, as well as the trademark sound of the Wurlitzer electric piano. Check out great drum work from the ubiquitous Bob Smith, and percussionist Jorge' Gonzales. Get this now, on Squidisc Records, available here, or in stores. Also available on cd

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Dewey Bridge
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Back in the Day
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