In The Sky Tonight

John Flanders & Double Helix

Released in 2003, this cd is a new evolution for the band. Still jaunting from swing to funk and latin, the compositions derive more from "straight ahead" jazz, and acoustic bass in used on over half the disc. There are some beautiful and sophisticated compositions here, and the playing is tight and hip. The band shows it's been together now for awhile, and play in the pocket. The addition of some acoutic piano work and solos by Wayne Christiansen adds a very tasteful sound to the project. Steve Flygare again joins John as a guest on with some fast swinging solo work on "When I Fall". The band also enjoyed the special guest work of nation veteran Mike Miller on some killer guitar features. (Mike has graced many projects, including the Yellowjackets, Chick Corea, Natalie Cole etc.) Finally, Helix is excited to have percussionist Alex Acuna join them on the cd. Alex has too many credits to list, but of course he was a member of "Weather Report", and numerous jazz cds, as well as "U2", and his own projects. All and all, this is a fun and diverse cd, with lots of great jazz. Order it now!


Naides (nay-id-ees)
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