A Prehensile Tale

John Flanders 

Released in 2000, this is John's debut cd chock full of fun upbeat multi-horn melodies. It features saxes and trumpet, with driving guitar and percussion. Some pieces are short and thematic, along with longer songs exploring swing, latin, and fusion flavors. Writes music critic Barry Scholl, "with his burnishing tone and effortless command of chord substitution, Flanders' approach to ballad playing sometimes recalls John Coltrane's, but he also draws on more contemporary avatars like Tom Scott. In fact numbers like"Jetty's End" and "Farne Island Fantasy" are pleasantly reminiscent of the best of '70s west coast fusion."  This album has plenty of great solo and ensemble work from a rotating list of great Salt Lake players, and makes for a fun listen. "A Prehensile Tale" is particularly a must for any road trip cd collection.

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